SONOMA COUNTY PROPERTIES PUBLISHED AS A “LOCAL EINSTEIN”. Ron L. Welsh and Sonoma County Properties have been acknowledged as an expert in all matters real estate in Sonoma County. While they cover the entire county, the base of their operations is Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Healdsburg.

What to know before Buying or Selling a home in Sonoma County!

We were selected from a pool of thousands of candidates to contribute to this in depth look at the “ins and outs” of buying or selling Sonoma County Real Estate. The book just became available this week and has been very well received.

Knowledge is power and in a transaction as important as a real estate investment, a resource like Local Einsteins could be invaluable!   – Ron L. Welsh

Here is my introduction to the Graton / Forestville chapter of the book;

Just discovering this small portion of Sonoma County’s “Wine County” is delightful; choosing to live here is remarkable. The climate is temperate, the rolling hills and valleys are covered with oaks, vineyard, orchards and gardens. The back roads that wind through the area are immensely enjoyable. Forestville and Graton might seem like any of the small towns that dot Northern California, but they are not. They seem to be in the “sweet spot,” where the freshest foods meet the finest wines and are combined by the most innovative chefs in the world. Long time settler families and open minded transplants from around the globe find this to be their piece of “heaven on earth.” Luther Burbank; the famous American botanist, horticulturist and a pioneer in agricultural science said, “I firmly believe from what I have seen that this is the chosen spot of all the earth as far as nature is concerned.” His farm was just a few miles from here.

Almost every property is going to be served by its own well water source and “septic” (sewage disposal) system. Your introduction to these is best served by an expert in the field of “Country Property”…..     For more or to order a copy of this great resource, call Ron L. Welsh at his Sebastopol (707-823-2533) or Santa Rosa (707-523-3300) offices.

Sonoma County Properties

7 Generations of Buying and Selling Sonoma County Real Estate

7 Generations of Building a Great Reputation! 

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