Alexander Stagnaro


Mobile: (707) 303-5575

9056 Graton Rd.
Sonoma County, CA 95444
In writing this I realize that I have spent the bulk of my life in Sonoma County. All of that time has created a deep connection with area. I find Sonoma County and the Bay Area to be a beautiful place with so much to offer. Being a realtor is a wonderful way in which I get to interact with the land and people where I call home. I have worked in real estate and development since 2006. At one point I was studying towards becoming an architect, and still consider myself a devotee to space and physical environments. With this passion I am skilled at finding and navigating properties with development potential. I love helping my clients discover what they want most, and then to cultivate a property to success, both artistically and financially. Despite the jokes of my friends and family when I turn off my phone for "desperate reprieves" from socialization, I am a strong communicator. This is a people business, and I am a people person.
Come say, hi. I would love to meet you.