Apple Blossoms-#19 of 100 Reasons I Love Living in Sonoma County

Gravenstein Apple Blossoms out our back door!

Our apple trees are once again in bloom here in Sonoma County! I love how spring unfolds, one day the trees are bare and the next, well…they’re in full on flower power.

Sonoma County is among the most esteemed wine-growing areas in the world, but it used to be famous for a different crop. This region of rolling hills, vast dairy spreads and conifer forests flanking the coast was once the heart of a thriving apple industry. [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties-Interior Services Offered

Here at Sonoma County Properties we pride ourselves on our service. In fact, we offer services that not many other real estate offices do.

Irene Turner

Introducing International Interior Designer Irene Turner. She specializes in renovations, and offers services such as:

  • Preparing your home for sale-Not staging, but with an expert eye and professional approach to re-arranging, de-cluttering, and refreshing your home with what you already have, it will show better, and sell faster.
  • Seeing the full potential of the home you live in, or are contemplating buying-Looking at homes that need fixing up can be daunting, especially when you don’t have the eye for seeing a homes full potential. With-in minutes, Irene can see beyond the 4 walls and help you visualize the home of your dreams.
  • Color consultations-To prep your home for sale, or to make a home you just bought completely yours, she will help you select the perfect colors for your home that work for you.
  • Refresh your home with what you already own-Whether preparing your home for sale, or looking for a face lift for a home that needs some TLC.
  • Design plans for décor or renovation that you can take and execute yourself-On a bit of a budget? Need help putting together plans that can be permitted with an experienced eye for all the possibilities? Irene can help you get the plans in place so you can execute as time and money allow.
  • Full fledged design service, from creation to completion, for large-scale décor, renovation and new construction projects-With 18 years in the international interior design business, Irene brings a professional eye and a global perspective to each and every project.
She is available for appointments through our office, or you can email her directly at
I’m here to help you feel at home in your space! Irene Turner at Home
To meet Irene, check out the video below. 

Sonoma County Properties-We’ve Changed Our Name

It’s official. Our new name, Sonoma County Properties, is now fully integrated on all levels!

My office with the new signs in place! Stop by anytime you are in Graton!

The logo was designed, the new business cards printed, the signs are changed on the office, the new sale signs are up in front of our listings, our new web site is launched and my new email is live! We are excited to finally announce the complete transfer from Valley Oak Real Estate Investments, to Sonoma County Properties.

Take a look at the short video below to hear why we changed our name. And, I invite you to leave a comment below; I’d love to know what you think of our latest endeavor. 

Sonoma County Properties

7 Generations of Buying and Selling Sonoma County Real Estate!”

Real Estate QR Codes Now at Sonoma County Properties

Here I am with my first QR coded sign

QR codes stand for quick response code, and is the hottest thing since “sliced bread”. And here at Sonoma County Properties we are fully embracing this up and coming technology to help you access information about a property you happen to drive by and want to know more about. What, How? I’ll make it easy for you.

A QR code looks something like this:

image courtesy of ted-it blog

Newer smart phones already have a QR code reader included. If you have an older phone you can go to your APP store and pick up one for free, or perhaps for as much as 99 cents. There are many good reviews of the different apps, this link goes to the one that I used.

Here’s how it works. If you are driving down the road and see the code on my sign, stop for a minute and hold up your phone to the sign. Your phone will scan it through the APP, and it will immediately take you to the website on that house. You’ll be able to read all about the house, the vital statistics and you don’t even have to wait to see what the inside looks like!

how fast you can now pull up information-image via homecellers

Then, of course, if you are interested you can use the same phone to instantly call me and I will be happy to give you even more information and get you inside to see the house up close and personal. Usually these apps also work on your iPad or pod.

My first QR code sign went up last week on my listing at 2020 Bloomfield Rd. Next time you are driving down that road, you’ll be able to test your app out.

Call me with any questions or real estate projects, I’m here to help you!

7 Generations of Buying and Selling Sonoma County Real Estate

Sonoma County Properties is Pleased to Present-Land to Build on Grandview

Are you ready to build your own home on a smaller lot in the desirable Sebastopol Countryside?

our new For Sale Signs

Then this .8 acre near the top of Grandview, close to Cherry Ridge road might just be for you. Located on the west side and gently sloping away from Grandview to the west, it never the less could have a great view from the front of the house, to the east, of vineyards and the Sonoma mountain range.

image to the west on a cloudy day, on a sunny day Sonoma Mountain is clearly visible

To the west, you could look over Burgundy Ln. valley with views of hills, trees and on sunny days, our famous sunsets.

view to the south and west

While you would have neighbors, the slope of the land, vineyards, forests and the vista views make you feel that you are truly out in the country. Just 10 minutes to downtown Sebastopol, it’s rare to find a lot like this. With the perfect exposure, this property is ideal for a solar/energy efficient home.

Offered at $170,000

Call me for more information at 707-823-2533

I’m here to serve you!


Sonoma County Properties Presents-a Country Property with Extra 1040 sq. ft of Garage/Studio Space

Sonoma County Properties is proud to present; 2020 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol. This country property is located south of Sebastopol, just a 10 minute drive from downtown.

2020 Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol, California

Included is: [Read more…]