Sonoma County Properties presents: 16799 Center Way, Guerneville, CA.

The peace and tranquility of the Russian River await you in this spacious, newly built home.  Enjoy the wide covered veranda for BBQ, dining, lounging or other outdoor fun. A quality, custom home ready for year-round or vacation living. A secluded neighborhood beach on the Russian River is nearby. [Read more…]


You don’t have to be a contractor to be able to make some changes to your home that will make it greener and more sustainable for the years to come. There are many things that you can do that require little skill and sometimes just a willingness to change how you do things around the house will make a big difference.

In the next week, Sonoma County Properties will publish the last couple of articles I have written on this subject.

I will give you at least one BIG thing you can do (this may require some skill or a cash investment on your part) and a few smaller things (that anyone can do) that will make a difference in your savings, comfort or “carbon footprint”.

1. Wind power. Installing a wind turbine could be a great way to produce your own energy.  Start with consulting an expert in the field to see if it is feasible and worth the investment in your location.  [Read more…]


Sonoma County Properties Presents the History of Solar Power. You may know us for our articles on “making your home more sustainable”. Using the sun is one of the best methods, whether it’s adding a photovoltaic system (electricity generating solar panels) or preheating your water (black plastic pipes in the sunshine).

Ever wondered how Solar Energy came into our lives? This Solar Timeline looks at all the milestone events of the Solar journey. You may be surprised to see just how long humans have been utilizing the power of the sun and also inspired by the innovative ways we have been doing it. For instance did you know that the first Photovoltiac reaction was [Read more…]


Sonoma County Properties and Ron L. Welsh are proud to announce the establishment of a Referral Brokerage to compliment our day to day sales company.

7888 Joyce Dr Sebastopol, CA. Offered at $850,000.

Sonoma County Real Estate Referrals has been licensed to operate under the umbrella of Sonoma County Properties Inc.

We have sixteen of the most knowledgable and hard working agent and broker “REALTORS”  in Sonoma County today.  They are ready to help your family and friends buy or sell real estate anywhere in California.

This is also a fantastic way for retired and “semi” retired real estate agents legally earn a pay check from their referrals without having to pay the dues to the local MLS and the National, California and North Bay Association of REALTORS.

Who do you know who may want to buy of sell a home or piece of property this or next year.? You know the kind of people we are, you know that we will take care of them because everything we do reflects on our “Seven Generations of Building a Great Reputation”.
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Who do you know who might have an “inactive” real estate license? Who better to introduce your friends to than Sonoma County Real Estate Referrals? You know that we will take care of them like we care about you.

Referrals are a big part of the real estate business. When you think of us, think of your friend. When you think of real estate, think of Ron L. Welsh and Sonoma County Real Estate Referrals.

Ron can be reached at 707-523-3300 or 707-823-2533.

Sonoma County Properties represents…

7 Generations of Buying and Selling Sonoma County Real Estate


Sonoma County Luxury Homes presents a 40 acre estate with views and privacy.

We at Sonoma County Luxury Homes are always looking for the best without “breaking the bank”. this 40 Acre Estate is on a Sunny Ridge with Beautiful Views, Privacy & Seclusion.

Custom 2,400+ square feet of living area. A true Single Level home with an open floor plan. [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties Presents-4 of our 8 Generations!

Four of the eight Sonoma County Real Estate Generations on Easter Sunday 2013.

Hello Friends, part of our family got together on Sunday for a little celebration. Pictured here is a portion of the most recent four generations of the Welsh family.

My Father, L. Warren Welsh, son, Drew Welsh and grand son, Maxin- 4 generations living here in Sonoma County

Of course my Grandchildren, Ardyn and Max have not yet bought or sold any Sonoma County Real Estate, so we will keep our motto [Read more…]

Mustard Seed-#18 of 100 Reasons I Love Living in Sonoma County

Yes, even between the late rains we are experiencing this spring, the mustard seed flowers are alive and flourishing in our Sonoma County vineyards!

the mustard seed on Slusser Rd. here in Sonoma County-image via my wife!

I love it when the first yellow flowers start to crop up. To me it’s natures statement that yes, spring is here. When I was a young boy there were old vineyards near the home I grew up in. When the flowers bloomed they were great places to run through and hide out playing cowboys and indians!

image via mighty mustard web site

Of course, as I grew older I understood that there was a reason that there was so much mustard seed everywhere I looked. Did you know that mustard plants are used as a cover crop in vineyards to reduce erosion, add nitrogen and improve soil tilth and water penetration?

Cover crops helps to increases organic matter, reduces compaction, reduces excessively vigorous vines, dust and mite problems, & provides a habitat for beneficials. By providing firm footing during wet weather, the plants allow for winter/early spring access in the vineyard.

Like all farmed crops, young grapevines can be very sensitive to plant parasites which can cause lots of problems in proper development of a vineyard.  I love it that we use all of these cultural techniques when we can, to naturally reduce harmful parasites rather than applying costly and dangerous chemicals to accomplish the same goal.

So yes, the mustard seed provides an important service in the production of our world famous wines…and, they offer us a lot of natural beauty as we drive around our countryside. Why not come and visit us here in Sonoma County? We’d love to see you.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Off of Slusser Rd. image courtesy of my wife!


Sonoma County Properties is Pleased to Present-Land to Build on Grandview

Are you ready to build your own home on a smaller lot in the desirable Sebastopol Countryside?

our new For Sale Signs

Then this .8 acre near the top of Grandview, close to Cherry Ridge road might just be for you. Located on the west side and gently sloping away from Grandview to the west, it never the less could have a great view from the front of the house, to the east, of vineyards and the Sonoma mountain range.

image to the west on a cloudy day, on a sunny day Sonoma Mountain is clearly visible

To the west, you could look over Burgundy Ln. valley with views of hills, trees and on sunny days, our famous sunsets.

view to the south and west

While you would have neighbors, the slope of the land, vineyards, forests and the vista views make you feel that you are truly out in the country. Just 10 minutes to downtown Sebastopol, it’s rare to find a lot like this. With the perfect exposure, this property is ideal for a solar/energy efficient home.

Offered at $170,000

Call me for more information at 707-823-2533

I’m here to serve you!


Live/Work Vintage Home For Sale-Sebastopol

Walk Everywhere…

From this charming 1910 Victorian bungalow in downtown Sebastopol!

Great Old Fashioned Front Porch

This is a beautiful property with a detached office, great front porch and lovely back yard. Close to all the amenities such as hospital, groceries, library, and town square. It’s not often that one of these comes up.

lovely back yard

With the master bedroom suite on the second floor, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is in great condition. And best of all you get a lovely backyard with room for children to play, your own organic garden, and space to entertain Sonoma Style!

Backyard for entertaining and growing your own vegetables, with detached office

Zoned Residential/Business, this home offers options and opportunities for the empty nester, entrepreneur or starter family with work at home parents. The details are endless for this charming vintage Sebastopol Bungalow.

For more information on this property or any others in Sonoma County,

give me a call

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