Cloverdale Lake property, two homes, workshop on 287 Ac.

Cloverdale Lake property, two homes, workshop on 287 Ac.


Stunning Lakeside setting just 10 minutes to downtown Cloverdale, shopping and restaurants. A Perfectly Private Mountain Lake on 287 +/- acres in three separate parcels. Very nice 2200 sq. ft. two bedroom, two bath home with a separate apartment over the carriage house.

Also features a three car garage, a 30′ x 40′ Workshop plus carports, a 40′ x 80′ agricultural building on a separate parcel. In recorded history, Preston Lake, which holds more than 1 million gallons of water, has never gone dry. It provides great recreation; swimming, boating and fishing for the whole family and guests plus a view to die for.Kitchen table

For a private tour or more information call Ron L Welsh at 707-523-3300 or Irene Turner at 707-481-9015.



Sonoma County Properties is proud to present #30 in our series on why we love living here! The cultural diversity of Sonoma County is rich but when you add in the proximity to the San Francisco “Bay Area”, that diversity is unrivaled anywhere in the world.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday with a quick trip into San Francisco. My wife, Irene Turner treated me to a tour of the De Young Museum and a chance to see the “Dutch” Masters collection including many Rembrandt's and Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. It was amazing to see these in person and understand why Irene always mentioned the Dutch artists “use and depth of light” in their work.

There is so much to do and see in this great city. The Museams, the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, restaurants, walking tours, theaters, the SF Giants, cable cars, you name it and you will find it there. [Read more…]

Who Lives in Sonoma County?

I often get clients who are looking to transplant to Sonoma County and they ask me who actually lives here? What is the counties population made up of? As a 6th generation West County dweller my immediate response is, well, people.

But my wife, Irene Turner, who is originally from New York City, and who has moved 34 times before finding her way here, assures me that there is a way to explain the make up of our  population vs. those that live else where. So, I'll let her take it from here.

“I tell my friends that the first thing they need to know is that there is a difference between Napa and Sonoma County. For my east coast friends I liken Napa to the Hampton's, flash and dash…and Sonoma to upstate New York, a bit more crunch and granola, more down to earth.  There is money in both counties, it's just more visible in Napa.

map via Sonoma county org

We also have the gorgeous California Coastline and hwy. 1 which offers an additional draw and many added advantages. [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties Introduces our New Neighbor-Paul Mathew Vineyard

We at Sonoma County Properties have a new neighbor here in Graton; the Paul Mathew Vineyards, Wine Tasting Room!

located on the corner of Graton Rd. and Ross Rd. in downtown Graton!

As the 6th generation (my grandchildren are the 8th) to be a part of the Graton community I must say that I am thrilled. Their terrific wines, from the Chardonnay to the Pinot's and everything in between, are smooth and delicious. As a neighbor and wine lover I can tell you, they will be on my list to drink, give as gifts and recommend to friends and family. [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties Likes Art at the Source

Always the first two weekends in June, this West Sonoma County tour, Art at the Source, opens the doors of 96 working studios and offers a glimpse at the work of 155 artist members of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

Free Catalogs available around town-image via Art at the Source FB page-click photo to go there and "Like"

It’s a chance to see wonderful and local art in its homestead, meet the artists and learn about their craft, all while meandering along some of the most beautiful routes in our lovely Sonoma County. [Read more…]

Remodeling? Get Professional Help

Thinking of remodeling your new home or place of business? Get a professional’s help.

Some may think that this is an expense, but without it, you may end up with mistakes that can cost you in both time and money.

Get a plan to work from before starting any renovation project

As with any business, a true professional can help you manage your way through a process that can be overwhelming and costly. And, in the case of remodeling or renovation, no one can see the full potential of the space quite like a professional.

That’s why, here at Sonoma County Properties we offer professional interior services. [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties-Interior Services Offered

Here at Sonoma County Properties we pride ourselves on our service. In fact, we offer services that not many other real estate offices do.

Irene Turner

Introducing International Interior Designer Irene Turner. She specializes in renovations, and offers services such as:

  • Preparing your home for sale-Not staging, but with an expert eye and professional approach to re-arranging, de-cluttering, and refreshing your home with what you already have, it will show better, and sell faster.
  • Seeing the full potential of the home you live in, or are contemplating buying-Looking at homes that need fixing up can be daunting, especially when you don’t have the eye for seeing a homes full potential. With-in minutes, Irene can see beyond the 4 walls and help you visualize the home of your dreams.
  • Color consultations-To prep your home for sale, or to make a home you just bought completely yours, she will help you select the perfect colors for your home that work for you.
  • Refresh your home with what you already own-Whether preparing your home for sale, or looking for a face lift for a home that needs some TLC.
  • Design plans for décor or renovation that you can take and execute yourself-On a bit of a budget? Need help putting together plans that can be permitted with an experienced eye for all the possibilities? Irene can help you get the plans in place so you can execute as time and money allow.
  • Full fledged design service, from creation to completion, for large-scale décor, renovation and new construction projects-With 18 years in the international interior design business, Irene brings a professional eye and a global perspective to each and every project.
She is available for appointments through our office, or you can email her directly at
I’m here to help you feel at home in your space! Irene Turner at Home
To meet Irene, check out the video below. 

3 R's-Reduce, ReUse, ReCycle

p style=”text-align: left”>Hello Readers…from time to time I’ll bring in a guest blogger who’s vision is aligned with mine, albeit housing, sustainability, music, or our Slow Life here in Sonoma County.  Introducing Irene Turner, owner of Irene Turner at Home, an international interior design firm based here in Sonoma County.  Irene’s mission is to create and share beauty in all forms that uplift the spirit and make people feel good.  Here she talks about a couple of my key interests…sustainability and Jack Johnson’s role to inspire people through his music to impact their world.  Please welcome Irene Turner.

If you think that one person can’t have an impact, think again.  A couple of weeks ago my cousin from Germany came to visit us with his family.  His oldest son has only been studying english for two years and seemed to be fluent.  One way he was taught English was an assignment to find something to memorize.  He chose Jack Johnson’s song the 3 R’s.  He not only learned all the words by heart, but he also did a whole report, in english, about the 3 R’s, with Jack Johnson’s lyrics as the bases, and started a 3R campaign in his school!

What exactly are the 3 R’s?  For those of you who don’t know…here from Sheryl Eisenberg and the Natural Resources Defense Council is the simplest explanation I found… [Read more…]