Sonoma County Properties presents #4 of 7 on “making your home more sustainable”. You don’t have to be a contractor to be able to make some changes to your home that will make it greener and more sustainable for the years to come. There are many things that you can do that require little skill and sometimes just a willingness to change how you do things around the house will make a big difference.

Over the next couple of months, Sonoma County Properties will give you at least one BIG thing you can do (this may require some skill or a cash investment on your part) and a few smaller things (that anyone can do) that will make a difference in your savings, comfort or “carbon footprint”.

#1. Build a solar water heater. This project is not as expensive as it sounds, but it takes a little know-how to build. It will save you a ton on water heating energy costs.

Then: Lower your water heater temp. See #2.

#2. Do you really need scalding hot water to shower or wash with? Lowering the temp on your water heater is a small change and the savings really add up.

#3. Change your light bulbs. Switching to compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs can save you big over the course of a year in energy costs.

#4. Recycle everything you can. This not only goes for small items like cans and bottles, but larger items like furniture and electronics.

#5. Go cloth. Instead of tossing out dozens of paper towels and napkins, switch to towels and cloth napkins instead.

#6. Use a power monitor.  Find out what's sucking up the power in your home. Invest in a power monitor and run regular checks.

#7. Install faucet aerators. Aerators allow you to use less water by mixing air into the water stream. You'll still get the same pressure, just with less water to do so.

For your home Design and Decor

#8. In your home décor, Get creative. You likely have old items around your home that with a little TLC and imagination could be turned into something great. And don't just green your home, but the items you have inside your home as well with these helpful tips.

#9. Look for eco-friendly decor. Check into companies that are making organic and green furniture. You just might find something you like and can feel good about having it in your home.

#10. Buy secondhand. There's no need to always buy new when you can get items that are just as nice used as well. It's cheaper and better for the environment to reuse.

 So when your wondering what you can do to make your living easier or get your home ready to sell;

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