9 Tips to Thinking Differently when Buying a House-Part 2

This is my very different take on home buying; I examine the “underside” of our market and some of the psychology of buying.
• #4. The social power of a house is huge. When you buy a big house or an expensive house, you are making a statement to your in-laws, your family, your neighbors and yourself. Nothing wrong with that, but the question you must ask yourself is, “how big a statement can I afford?” How much are you willing to spend on personal marketing and temporary self-esteem?    [Read more…]

9 Tips to Thinking Differently about Buying a House-Part 1


This is my very different take on home buying; I examine the “underside” of our market and some of the psychology of buying .
• #1. When house prices rise reliably (as from 1963 to 2004), it is almost impossible to overpay for a house. It was an efficient market, and rising prices covered many mistakes. Investing in Sonoma County Properties was a no-brainer.  More leverage and more at stake just paid off more in the end. We did not need to be “brain washed” by advertising or led by the hand. This consistent rise taught us more than an ad ever could: buy a lot of house with as little down-payment as you could.    [Read more…]

Tax Credit due to expire in April-2010

The U.S. government’s home buyer tax credit was extended to April 30, 2010 and may not be extended again. This tax credit can benefit first-time home buyers up to $8,000 and current homeowners up to $6,500, provided they meet certain guidelines. And because this program is a tax credit – it does not have to be repaid.  You apply for this credit when you do your tax return.  Of course, it is always in your best interest to seek the advice of a Tax Attorney or your CPA to find how these credits fit your particular needs.    [Read more…]

Sonoma County Properties-Hot Listing

photo courtesy of Wine Spectator Magazine

Bennett Valley was recently name dropped by  Wine Spectator Magazine as not only being one of the most distinct regions of all Sonoma County Properties, but also, at about 900 acres planted, one of the smallest. Just south of the city of Santa Rosa, nestled among the mountains, lies Bennett Valley, Sonoma’s newest AVA.    [Read more…]

4 Helpful Real Estate Tips When Buying in Sonoma County

“They” say you will never see the bottom of any particular real estate market until you have missed it. Interestingly enough, we are sitting at the bottom of a very deep rut in Sonoma County’s real estate graph. Yet people are still buying here. I believe this is a unique situation because Sonoma County is, and will continue to be a desirable place to live.    [Read more…]

3 Reasons You Want to Buy in Bennett Valley, Sonoma County!

the patio view from the house on a foggy day!

I just listed a home for sale in Santa Rosa out in beautiful Bennett Valley. With stunning views this home is a real bargain. Why would you want to live in Bennett Valley? Here are 3 facts that might just sway you:    [Read more…]

Beautiful Sonoma County

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