Graton is my town; one of my favorite small towns here in Sonoma County and another reason that we love living in Sonoma County. This tiny, one block long town sits in the middle of a beautiful valley, bordered by Sebastopol on the south, Occidental on the west, Forestville to the north and Santa Rosa to the east. Just discovering this small portion of Sonoma County’s “Wine County” is delightful; choosing to live here is remarkable. The climate is temperate, the rolling hills and valleys are covered with oaks, vineyard, orchards and gardens. The back roads that wind through the area are immensely enjoyable.

Graton-Main Street looking West; Circa 1915

Graton might seem like any of the small towns that dot Northern California, but it is not. It seems to be in the “sweet spot,” where the freshest foods meet the finest wines and are combined by the most innovative chefs in the world. Long time settler families and open minded transplants from around the globe find this to be their piece of “heaven on earth.” Luther Burbank; the famous American botanist, horticulturist and a pioneer in agricultural science said, “I firmly believe from what I have seen that this is the chosen spot of all the earth as far as nature is concerned.” His farm was just a few miles from here.

Graton-Main Street looking west circa 2013

There have been many changes in this little “one block long” town in the last 20 years. It now features some of the best restaurants in Sonoma County and any number of amazing artists at the Graton Gallery and the Atelier.

The north side of our one block town Graton

It is historically known as the Green Valley area. My great grandfather, John A. Robertson, applied for and was awarded the position of Postmaster of Graton in 1906. I knew my great grandfather well, as he passed away in 1968 when I was twelve. My mother and her father were raised in Graton and my grandchildren are the eighth generation of my family to live in this area.

The Green Valley tag is now highly regarded as “premier” vineyard land, as it is mostly the Gold Ridge soil that Luther Burbank was so fond of.  The latest improvement to Graton would be our newly painted building! Come by and see us.

Graton today-my office-Stop by and say Hi

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