We at Sonoma County Properties love local produce and fresh strawberries are RIPE right now!

There is a great farm (Farmer Lao’s) between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa on Hwy 12. The strawberries are huge and tasty. 

We love almost everything you can do with strawberries; pies, smoothies, drinks, over birthday cakes, cheese, short and even pan cakes. For those of us who may be counting our calories or watching our sugar intake, fresh sliced strawberries are less than 50 calories per cup. That makes it a really smart snack, it might even be a “Superfood”.

I found this in the “Toronto Sun” Newspaper Maybe we should change that quotation to “A strawberry a day keeps the doctor away.” While an apple a day always was thought to be the perfect fruit for health, a study from scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California indicate that eating this berry (or a few cups worth a day) could keep away not just one doctor but many of them – the neurologist, endocrinologist, and maybe even the oncologist!

New research coming to light in the past year shows that strawberries, not apples, apparently protect against a plethora of diseases – from cancer to Alzheimer’s and diabetes. An article published last month in Science Daily, an online research news site, explains that when it comes to diabetes, fisetin, a flavonoid abundantly found in strawberries, not only lessens complications of the disease but also protects against some nerve system disorders.

For some really great strawberry recipes and information check out Irene Turner’s blog on local Strawberries.

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