Sonoma County Properties Presents-4 of our 8 Generations!

Four of the eight Sonoma County Real Estate Generations on Easter Sunday 2013.

Hello Friends, part of our family got together on Sunday for a little celebration. Pictured here is a portion of the most recent four generations of the Welsh family.

My Father, L. Warren Welsh, son, Drew Welsh and grand son, Maxin- 4 generations living here in Sonoma County

Of course my Grandchildren, Ardyn and Max have not yet bought or sold any Sonoma County Real Estate, so we will keep our motto

“7 Generations of buying and selling Sonoma Country Real Estate” until the day they start investing on their own. Only then will we change it to 8!

My Grand daughter and Grand son, the 8th Generation of our family to live here in West Sonoma County

What do you think? Future real estate team? Just as long as they are happy and healthy we don't care.

It's amazing how many moves have to do with where our family is. We have many clients trying to get closer (and occasionally further away) to kids, parents and grandparents.  We hope you have a great Spring and that you get to be exactly where you want to be! Even if it is years away, call us today to talk about your next move. You can never be too prepared. 707-823-2533.

Ron L. Welsh & Sons  

7 generations of Buying and Selling Sonoma County Real Estate